“It is a beautiful thing to watch peoples bodies unfold and become stronger; to see the shift in consciousness as a person becomes more connected and centred in themselves. I love this journey”


Feeling strong, agile and comfortable in her body is what inspires Ann to practice and teach Yoga and Pilates.

I found yoga in my twenties when my body was bound up from the gym, sport, running and emotional storing.  Pilates came after having my children and the need for some core focus was high on the agenda. 

Both modalities have given me freedom, strength and flexibility in my body.  I am grateful for these practices.

My journey with Yoga has spanned over 25 years practicing and teaching in Hatha, Iyengar, Astanga, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga.

My Pilates journey began 10 years ago as I became more interested in core stability and functional alignment.

I have been privileged to study with some wonderful Yoga teachers both local and international – Mira Mehta, John Scott, Peter Sanson and Patthabi Jois.  I was also lucky enough to spend 3 months practicing and studying at the Astanga Institute in Mysore, India with Patthabi Jois in 1994.

My Pilates study has been with Polestar.  Their education Studio is in Auckland and the training standard is extremely high. My study has been with Jo Hutley and Emily Adams and my excellent mentor Esther Hankinson. 

I like to bring depth and awareness to my teaching. It’s not just about Yoga poses or Pilates exercises. It’s about getting to know your body in the most intimate way and being deeply connected with it. 

My intention is to bring this awareness to students so they can integrate it as they move in their own lives. 

See you in class.

Anns warm welcome and enthusiasm is infectious. Her encouragement and mindfulness of everyone to achieve at their own pace and comfort level makes it so easy.
Ann’s teaching is inspired, fun, thoughtful and above all her words inspire students to relax and feel so supported in their practice.
— Ann Nelson